Look Into LED Signs in Ottawa, ON This Fall

LED signs work for Ottawa—not just for Las Vegas! Many business owners may consider them tacky or loud, but LED signs make for effective advertising. They have many advantages that will help enhance your business and curb appeal. Here are six advantages offered by LED signs:

  • Perfect for winter: Days are shorter and darkness is standard in winter. Your typical signs will need to rely on the perfect placement under street lights and you will remain reliant on those lights never burning out. LED signs in Ottawa, ON attract attention at all times of the day, including dark winter nights.
  • Many options: LED signs are not about fixed messages. You can change them to reflect specials or share news. Senior Discount Days can become Back to School Sales within moments! Changing a message is as easy as accessing a computer, so you never have to stick to stale signs that never change. Also, you can choose LED signs as big as billboards or create an attractive welcome sign that fits on your door. Your LED signs can be as simple or complex as you want them to be, and that makes them a flexible way to advertise.
  • Long term functioning: When you invest in an LED sign, you are maintaining your business message for the long term. High quality signs last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is five years longer than fluorescent and neon signs. While you will pay more for a new LED sign, you will not have to replace it anytime soon. Plus, unlike vinyl or paper signs, they are less vulnerable to the weather and extreme temperatures.
  • Less maintenance: You will no longer need to change bulbs or make constant brightness adjustments. Your signs will illuminate strong with minimum intervention on your part. LED signs also use less power than other lighted signs, so you will not see your power bills spike with their presence. If you keep the LED signs inside, they do not let off heat, so you will not have to worry about them warming up your premises in summer months.
  • Many color choices: Red and amber are the usual lettering colors, but there are other choices available. Besides letters, you can also find signs that display graphics and really help your business stand out. There are signs available that present messages on a ticker or keep them static, depending on what you prefer.
  • Ease of operation: Excessive capital investment is not required for your LED signs. Use your Windows-based computer and change messages from the comfort of the indoors on those nasty winter days. With some signs, you can even update them remotely, so you do not even have to be at work to change their message or power them down. Being stuck at home for any reason will not keep you from contacting your customers.

If you see how LED signs in Ottawa, ON can help your business, contact Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today to start designing.

Four Businesses that Benefit from LED Signs in Ottawa, ON

LED signs in Ottawa, ON, are an important innovation in the world of signage advertising. Not only do these creative signs attract more attention than their traditional counterparts, they serve the purpose of being functional even after the sun goes down.

These days, it’s almost impossible to take a walk or drive at night without seeing some sort of LED sign—in fact, for some businesses, LED signs are paramount to attracting nighttime business. Take a look at four businesses that absolutely need LED signs in Ottawa, ON, to ensure that they’re seen by potential patrons:

Bars and clubs: Bars and clubs top the list of businesses that absolutely require LED signage because their chief operating hours are after the sun goes down. Without some way to spot these signs in the dark, bars and clubs would almost invariably suffer lower commerce, simply because no one would be able to see where they were! Whether it’s the name of the bar in question or a caricature sign of a beer or cocktail, nearly every bar or club you’ll see these days has an LED sign to help patrons find their way inside.

Gas stations: Gas stations, while operable at any hour of the day, also benefit from LED signs to help people locate them when the sun goes down. LED signs can help antsy motorists fill up by offering an “open” LED sign that shows the pumps are operable 24/7. Without some sort of LED sign to welcome drivers, most motorists will keep on trucking until they find a gas station that’s clearly open, marked by a visible “open” sign.

Restaurants: Looking to attract hungry customers that can’t decide where they want to grab a late meal? An LED sign that’s enticing enough can stop any passerby in their tracks and lead them into your eatery, where whatever is cooking is sure to convert them into an instant customer! No one can seem to resist LED signs in Ottawa, ON that gleam out the name of a local hotspot or depict any number of tasty menu items and for good reason: the LED lights are enough to catch someone’s attention and when paired with the right message or aesthetic, can create a call to action that’s unbeatable for restaurant owners.

Any 24-hour business: If you couldn’t tell so far, the theme of most LED signage is catering to those people who are out and about after the sun goes down. If your business is open late or in a 24-hour capacity, having an LED sign to help alert people to your venue may be just what it takes to help keep your turnstile flowing after traditional business hours have passed.

For businesses that want to capitalize on the nightlife scene and ensure that they’re kept busy at all hours of the day and night, an LED sign is the way to go. This innovative marketing tool will give you the edge you need against other businesses utilizing only traditional signage and will exemplify your investment with a hearty ROI.

A Beacon of Light: Ottawa Illuminated Signs

Nothing says, “look at me!” like a sign that’s complemented by aesthetic lighting and an attention-grabbing shine. Even in the dead of night, Ottawa illuminated signs make themselves known to any and all passersby, giving them an advertising edge that not many other types of signage can compete with. In fact, there are certain times when having an illuminated sign can actually make or break your business’ ability to sustain patronage and bring in new customers off of the street.

As we all know, during the winter months in Canada, the days become shorter and sunlight becomes a rarity past 5pm. It’s during these months that the sky begins to shift darker earlier and earlier, causing street lamps to flicker into life and the headlights of automobiles to flicker on. It’s also a time, however, when having Ottawa illuminated signs can be a huge strategic advantage for businesses. For example, a store with an illuminated sign is going to grab the attention of a driver waiting at a stoplight, as opposed to a dark sign that can’t be seen due to the quickly darkening sky.

Winter also represents a time when consumer sales begin to drop off. People opt to take refuge in their homes during these cold, dreary days, meaning they’re not spending as much money as they normally would during the summer months. Having the extra advantage of an attention-grabbing, illuminated sign can help to make up for these lost sales and bolster the enthusiasm of a potential customer who might not have otherwise stopped in.

Alas, anyone who’s ever read a Shakespeare play also knows the importance of light as it affects our mood and morale. It’s a natural tendency of people to gravitate towards things that are bright, happy and warm. Ottawa illuminated signs may seem like a funny example when it comes to talking about light boosting morale, but they do indeed play a part in enticing people to reading the messages emblazoned on them. Our eyes will naturally drift to a bright, happy sign in our visual plane, rather than a plethora of others that aren’t standouts in any way other than their messages.

Finally, as if there weren’t enough reasons to stake a claim in Ottawa illuminated signs, these marvelous feats of advertising allow for a more expansive creative design process. Lights can be incorporated into a sign itself, such as the lettering of a message. Or, lights may be used to accent a particular aspect of the sign, like the numbers on the jersey of a sports bar and grill sign. Either way, lights bring attention to the sign and allow room for creativity during its design process, as well as throughout its use.

If you’re not employing an illuminated sign in some form, you could be missing out on all of the benefits that come with it: from increased exposure, to extensive design options! Remember though, just because you put lights on a sign or shed some illumination on it, doesn’t mean that it will be effective! Illuminated signs must be designed with care and emphasis in order to truly function at their highest capacity, so have yours designed by a professional at Plastics & Signs of Ottawa!

Ottawa Illuminated Signs: How to Catch Your Customer’s Eye

Ask anyone in the advertising industry and they’ll tell you that the fastest way to get the attention of a potential customer is to appeal to them in a way that’s different from everything else around them. That’s a great tact for print, web and even mobile messaging, however the playing field is quite a bit more narrow when you’re talking about internal and external signage. Luckily, Plastics of Ottawa has the stand-out solution to signage that will engage your customers and distinguish your business signage from the rest of the pack: illuminated signs.

Ottawa illuminated signs are unique in a number of respects. Not only do these signs employ a number of aesthetic characteristics, they use these different engagement tools to collective capture the attention of passersby. For example, the bold block lettering of a sign may be enough to capture the attention of a potential consumer as it jumps off of the wall to meet their gaze, but when a small glow is added behind these letters to really make them pop, the effect is undeniable.

As if the added lighting aspect of an Ottawa illuminated sign wasn’t enough to draw attention to your messaging, the colors associated with the light can also be customized to fit your branding. Say, for example, that your business’ chief marketing color is blue, while the lettering of the business name is in black. Adding a blue glow to the lettering of your company’s sign will keep consistent the branding that you’ve worked so hard to create, while also acting as an effective marketing tool to further communicate the cohesiveness of your name. It’s a dual accomplishment that’s easily accomplished with an Ottawa illuminated sign.

Letters and words aren’t the only signs that benefit from an added illumination—logos and small graphics are also well received when they’re complemented with a slight lighting effect. Many reputable companies are more recognized by their logos, rather than by their name, which paves the way for a whole new level of brand recognition. If your business is one of these examples, then having your logo front and center as an illuminated sign is going to make that association even stronger in the eyes of your consumers.

The bottom line is that the more you can do to engage your potential customers, the more success you’ll have at drawing their business. In this day and age, a pretty sign isn’t always the best marketing tool: sometimes you need to appeal to more than just one aspect of a person’s tastes. Improving your messaging with an Ottawa illuminated sign will go a long way towards helping to you push a message, brand or even the appeal of your business, no matter what it is. Think about this food for thought: if you were in the role of the consumer and saw an illuminated sign versus a matte display, which one would you pay more attention to?

How LED Signs Boost Business

Having an LED sign in front of your business is a marker for several things, namely your business’s ability to promote itself to the outside world. An LED sign is a beacon for potential customers and attentions are naturally drawn to these flashy, flamboyant signs. In fact, more and more businesses are learning about the benefits of Ottawa LED lights, so much so that these new-age signs are becoming a staple in the advertising world.

Because they can be used for a variety of purposes, Ottawa LED lights are a smart way to invest your advertising dollars. Their applications range from large to small, so there’s always a way to get the most out of LED signs, no matter what your budget looks like. If you don’t have a ton of money to throw around, a small LED sign as a call to action, such as “buy it now” or “sale here” can be great triggers. These short, bold statements make an instant impact on anyone who sees them, allowing your LED signs to operate at their highest potential.

For advertising pockets that are a little bit deeper, there’s always the option of getting an LED sign that’s made especially for your store. This sign is likely going to be bigger and customized with your store logo, a brand name or even a message unique to you. These signs come in the form of outdoor markers or even Ottawa interior banners, which can act as an interior call to action for customers who have made their way inside the store.

A distinct advantage to Ottawa interior banners is their ability to promote a specific product or service that customer has instant access to, which drives sales on key incentives. For example, if your shop offers a buy one, get one free option on a special product, using an Ottawa interior banner to accentuate this point might cause a customer to invest in something that they normally wouldn’t, for the sake of taking advantage of the sale. This is key in driving sales and revenue and can play a huge part in moving products or promoting services that are key sellers for your company.

The biggest incentive for LED lights and signs in a business setting is their ability to instantly grab attention. Even if the sign doesn’t have anything to do with a product or service, a customer’s eyes will immediately be attracted to it based on basic instinct. This can be useful in a number of different ways, for example when it comes to promoting movement through your place of business. Say, for example, that you want people to check out your hottest selling item as soon as they walk in the door. Placing an LED sign as a marker will draw attention, immediately guiding people to your hot sell. Likewise, this can also be used for upsells or for items that might not get as much attention as others.

The number of uses for Ottawa LED lights is nearly limitless. Because these signs are such an important aspect of business, they can be repurposed over and over again with the same effect. Think of it this way: anything that can immediately grab the attention of a potential paying customer is immediately the best friend of an advertiser!