Five Tips for the Best Vehicle Wraps in Ottawa, ON

Vehicle wraps are a great way to turn your car into a billboard as you travel. Many people avoid this means of advertising because they are afraid the design will look tacky or the effort will never pay for itself. However, there are ways to benefit from vehicle wraps without compromising your car’s appearance. Here are five tips for vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON:

  • Choose colors wisely: You want the color of your wraps to complement your car. That is why many fleet investors purchase white cars—they are easier to customize. Your black car will make a stunning background, so go with bright colors that really stand out. White cars offer flexibility, but you may need to go bold to get noticed. If your car is a more unique color like gold or lime green, choose complementary colors, since you want potential customers to notice your message rather than be thinking about how your wrap clashes with your paint color.
  • Font matters: All of your signs and flyers may be in Times New Roman, but that will not necessarily look great on a wrap or sign. Fonts that work for print do not always offer the same advantages in larger presentations. However, avoid cartoonish or bubbly scripts that will keep your business from being taken seriously. Serif fonts are the most readable and look great on wraps.
  • Keep it simple: Loud graphics and long messages on your car will lose people. For one, they will not have time to read it while on the highway, and if your graphics are obnoxious, they will never want to look in the first place. Keep messages short and graphics attractive, yet noticeable. If you feel the design is too busy, do not make it reality until you tone it down a little. Get another opinion if you are unsure about a design.
  • Pay attention to details: You want to make firm decisions, but you also want to be sure. The wrap will be on your vehicle for a long time, and if you think you may hate it in a month, that is not the best design for you. Check logos and spelling—double check to exercise additional caution. Listen to suggestions from your sign designer. There may be ideas you have not considered before that will make your vehicle wrap look better.
  • Consider a border: Adding a border to any sign, including vehicle graphics, draws attention to it. Business names, telephone numbers and Internet information can all benefit from borders, and who knows—your trip to the grocery store may generate visitors the next day.

If you are not up to the commitment of a vehicle wrap, consider magnets. They will allow you to advertise your message without making permanent or semi-permanent changes to your car. You can also make magnets for specific promotions and change them when the event ends.

Plastics and Signs of Ottawa creates vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON for a variety of businesses and campaigns. Call us today to see if you can benefit from our services as well.

Using Vehicle Wraps in Ottawa, ON to Advertise Your Business

As a business owner, you are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote and advertise your company. Vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON can offer you a new opportunity to get the word out about your business, as everywhere you go, people will see it, opening your business up to a whole new clientele of customers.

Understanding vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON are applied directly to the paint of the vehicle you choose. They are decals or vinyl graphics that display the original artwork that you have designed to promote your business. They are applied in a short amount of time and can be removed easily, returning your vehicle to its original paint color.

You can choose from a partial wrap or a full wrap, depending on your preference, and it can be applied to any type of vehicle, from cars and trucks to buses. You will work with a designer to create the imagery and get the exact measurements needed to design your vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON. Graphics will then be printed and installed on your vehicle, creating the ultimate advertising option.

Benefits of vehicle wraps

A vehicle wrap will attract attention everywhere you go, as your vehicle will stand out, causing people to pay attention to the advertising message wrapped around your vehicle. It is a very effective means of advertising, as you naturally open yourself up to a wider audience of customers based upon your driving patterns. Wrap a whole fleet of vehicles, and you’ll have a really impactful message that will reach thousands.

Vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON are ideal for local advertising and garnering local customers. With typical driving to local stops, you will be broadcasting your message to people in your area, simply by driving where you would normally go. This local driving will reach your exact target market as customers see your message displayed on your vehicle wrap.

This can be a very cost effective way to advertise, as one vehicle wrap can last up to five years. In other forms of advertising, you have to keep paying to communicate your advertising message over time, while a vehicle wrap allows you to invest once and advertise for several years. You can change the graphics on your vehicle wrap as frequently as you like, as it doesn’t damage your vehicle and offers a great way to constantly create visibility for your business.

A vehicle wrap can also work to protect your vehicle from scratches or damage from stones that get kicked up when you are driving. This can help leave your car in good condition when you are really to sell.

Applying vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON can help increase your business by getting the word out to a larger group of customers. This affordable means of advertising a can bring in local customers that see your message everywhere you go. To get your own vehicle wrap, contact Plastics and Signs of Ottawa. We custom design graphics as well as install vehicle wraps for clients throughout the area and would love to discuss your plans with you.

Four Types of Vehicle Graphics in Ottawa, ON for Taking Your Business on the Road

With a few strategically applied vehicle graphics in Ottawa, ON, your car can soon be a moving billboard for your business. There is no doubt vehicle graphics will get your business noticed. The different layouts and colors will make your car stand out anywhere, and that has the desired effect of promoting your business, too. However, people are frequently avoiding these means of advertisement because they do not wish to permanently modify their vehicle, or they believe it is too expensive. The four options below show how this method can be adapted to you:

  • Magnets: If your car is driven by other family members, a magnet logo is likely your best choice for vehicle graphics. The graphic is large enough to be noticed, but also easily removed. You can keep the graphic when you are driving, but your spouse can remove the magnet before going to a day job that doesn’t look kindly on advertising other businesses. This option also works well if you do not plan to keep your current vehicle for long.
  • Car wrap: Also known as the full wrap, this graphic covers every square inch of your vehicle. This is the ultimate in the mobile billboard appearance. It works great for delivery or repair trucks, as those are normally limited to business trips. You can also use it for a fleet of vehicles for a striking crew. Starting with a plain colored vehicle works best, but it is also possible to make the original vehicle color part of the background. Your sign designer can find the most attractive layout to make it all work well together.
  • Partial wrap: Unlike the full wrap, this only covers certain parts of the vehicle. Some business owners want to limit logos to the doors and hood, while others want window logos. This lower-cost option is still effective and eye-catching while offering plenty of flexibility. People who like the original color of their car often have fun with different contrasts using the partial wrap.
  • Decals: Like magnets, decals only cover a small part of the vehicle. It normally consists only of logos and lettering with the original vehicle color acting as a backdrop. Unlike magnets, these are not removable, but they are understated enough that other family members can feel comfortable using your vehicle. This is a great option for businesses with a fleet of vehicles they need to decorate in a cost-effective way, or for recent start-ups looking to control expenses.

Vehicle graphics are normally made of vinyl, which helps them stand up to weather and wear. Colors remain bright no matter what the graphics face, and we can design around just your logo and business name or expand into a full graphic experience. We also work with fleets, so we can produce a uniform look for all your vehicles.

Plastics & Signs of Ottawa offers a variety of vehicle graphics in Ottawa, ON to help advertise your business everywhere you drive. Visit us today to learn how we can turn your ordinary vehicle into an extraordinary advertising tool.

Let Vehicle Graphics in Ottawa, ON Turn Your Car Into an Advertising Tool

Plastics & Signs of Ottawa has a wide variety of creative signage options that can help you maximize the advertising potential of your business, regardless of its size. One way to never stop advertising is to transform your car using vehicle graphics in Ottawa, ON. With vehicle graphics, you will be able to advertise your business simply by driving around downtown, parking your vehicle at the local grocery store or going anywhere at all.

Vehicle graphics are a cost effective way to make the most impressions on potential customers with the least amount of effort. Vehicle graphics also require little to no upkeep. It does not matter if you are driving or if the vehicle is sitting in the parking lot of your business—it is still being exposed to countless potential customers. Whether your company owns one vehicle or a whole fleet, using vehicle graphics in Ottawa, ON turns an everyday tool into a potential advertising gold mine.

Using vehicle graphics to drive your business in the right direction

When designing a vehicle graphic for your business, one of our design experts will create the design solution that’s perfect for you. Our designers will consider your budget and marketing needs when crafting the best vehicle graphics in Ottawa, ON. We can also customize graphics for a variety of vehicle options, including vans, trucks, cars, sport utility vehicles or any specialty vehicle. We will work with you to capture the image of your business that is not only eye-catching but also cost effective. Regardless of your price point, we have an option available for you and your vehicle.

A vehicle graphic is not only a visually interesting piece of advertising. It can also detail any products and services offered by your company in addition to displaying any ongoing deals and promotions. With each vehicle graphic, we also include your company contact information, such as a website, email, phone number or street address. Most importantly, though, each vehicle graphic will include a call to action for your future customers!

Our vehicle graphics offer the following benefits and features:

  • Mobile advertising that never stops, even when your business is closed
  • Crafted out of high quality materials
  • Wide range of colors and fonts available to match the style of your business
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Easy application


Not every graphic has to be a full-car wraparound, though. We also offer car decals, vehicle lettering and car magnets in addition to a variety of other options to make your vehicle really stand out.


Transforming your car into a moneymaker

Whether you are looking for a full wraparound for your vehicle or simply to have decals made, Plastics & Signs of Ottawa has a wide variety of options available for businesses of all sizes. Our designers will help you develop the optimal advertising tool that best suits your vehicle and business needs. We can create the look you want, at the price point you want, to help your business grow. Call us today to get started.

Why Vehicle Graphics in Ottawa, ON are one of the Best Investments a Growing Small Business can Make

Every growing small business has to face the prospect of expanding their marketing at some point in time—it’s just one of those inevitable facts that seems to lie in wait and spring up on small business owners when they’re least ready to deal with it. Growing the marketing campaign is actually one of those areas where pitfalls are experienced and because of this, many budding businesses find themselves stifled and afraid to branch out, for fear of failure.

For those business owners who want to play it safe, but still realize the need for expanded marketing, there’s a simple solution that’s often overlooked and undervalued: vehicle graphics in Ottawa, ON. For one reason or another, vehicle graphics end up taking a backseat to radio spots, print ads and even television spots: forms of marketing that have lower ROI numbers and much higher costs! Take a look at why vehicle graphics should be a top contender for an expanding advertising campaign above all else:

  • Vehicle graphics in Ottawa, ON are mobile marketing, not static, meaning they’re going to reach not only more people on a daily basis, but new people as well! The further a vehicle travels with a wrap, the further the marketing territory expands, bringing with it new demographics, expanded brand recognition and more opportunities to convert.
  • There are fewer failure variables with vehicle graphics than other forms of advertising. What this means is that it’s much harder for someone to ignore a vehicle wrap, since it’s going to be within their line of sight no matter what they do. Radio stations can be changed to avoid commercials, newspapers can be folded to hide ads, fliers and mailers can be thrown in the garbage, but there’s no denying vehicle graphics in Ottawa, ON!
  • Vehicle graphics are sustainable and last for as long as you want them to. Other forms of advertising have a finite lifespan and eventually run their course—but vehicle wraps keep on chugging as long as the vehicle they’re covering does, which means advertising potential long after your other efforts have been exhausted.
  • The cost of a vehicle wrap is going to be insignificant in the grand scheme of things—especially for the return on investment that it provides. Print advertising, radio and television advertising and even internet advertising can all be extremely costly when scaled to meet your business’ needs—however vehicle graphics are a simple one and done cost that’s recouped much quicker than these other options.

If the time has come for your business to break the mold of its regular advertising practice and reach out a little further into the world around you, consider vehicle graphics in Ottawa, ON as a natural next step. Between all of the benefits listed above and the peripheral benefits that will conform to your business in the way of branding, there’s little not to like about vehicle graphics!